Nurturing a new generation

Raanu (name changed) is living with HIV but that didn’t stop her from experiencing the joys of motherhood. She did have to take extra care to protect her unborn child from getting infected with HIV. During her hospital visits, she met Pinkiben who helped her with all the information and advice she needed as an HIV+ pregnant woman. Pinkiben herself has been living with HIV for the last 9 years and works as an outreach worker with our centre in Chamanpura, Ahmedabad. She is
compassionate and committed to helping other people living with HIV. Unfortunately, as per a UNAIDS report, only 38% of

pregnant mothers receive adequate treatment which puts a huge risk for the newborns.

Pinkiben was by Raanu’s side throughout her journey from regular ANC check-ups to the delivery of the child. On the day of her delivery, Raanu was unable to reach hospital so she gave birth at home. Pinkiben was on the phone helping Raanu’s husband to take necessary precautions. She then rushed to Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission Centre (PPCT) in Ahmedabad BJMC Civil Hospital and explained the situation to the counsellor there. The counsellor educated Pinkiben on how to give nevirapine and related medicines needed to save the new generation.

With the medicine, Pinkiben immediately rushed to Raanu’s house and administered the suggested dose of medicine to the baby. She also
ensured that both the mother and baby are admitted to the hospital for two days for all routine check-ups including the first DBS – Dried Blood Spot Test. Raanu is so thankful to Pinkiben for her ongoing support.

Our care centreis in close proximity to the well-known BJMC Civil Hospital. All people living with HIV who visit the hospital from outside the district reach out to Pinkiben for her support.

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