End AIDS in India


Controlling an epidemic like HIV takes more than just a few us. It takes the entire community and fellow citizens to take actions, small or big, towards limiting HIV in India.

Pledging your support is one of the ways you can help us create change.Help us shine light on the need to strengthen HIV response.

India is making a significant progress in prevention, treatment and care, however, we still have the third largest HIV population in the world, 2.1 million Indians are living with HIV of which 41.9% are women and girls.


Thank you for your support and solidarity to our cause to end AIDS in India

Donors Speak

“When I donate, I never do it for receipts or to get tax benefits. I do it as I feel it.” - Mrs Subhadra Channa

"Trying to make a difference even if in a small way, is all that matters" - Ruby Shah

"I would be happy to link up a chain of support" - Partosh Sarkar

"End AIDS India doing an commendable job in lending prevention and care to those living with HIV while respecting their privacy" - Vivek Goyal

"Wish that more and more success stories are made possible" - Brij Nandan Singh Walia

Thank You

Supporters from all over the country

How Funds Are Utilised

We are grateful to all our donors for their growing commitment to our work

90.2% HIV Care &

7% HIV

0.5% Drug Use &
Harm Reduction

1.9% Sexual &
Reproductive Health

Together with our partner organisations and communities working at the grassroots level, Alliance India aims to accelerate progress towards elimination of new HIV infection and AIDS-related deaths by supporting access to comprehensive prevention and vital HIV treatment services. Although we have been able to make a substantial impact over the last decade, there’s still a long way to go.

Together, we are making a positive impact every day and ensuring that we are making lasting changes.

  • We reached nearly 1.4 million vulnerable and affected population.
  • 6,26,000 women and children affected by HIV/AIDS are getting services through our programmes including pregnant mothers.
  • Our outreach initiatives have resulted in relinking more than 5,24,688 HIV+ dropouts back into the HIV (ART) treatment services.
  • We work in 28 states and 4 Union Territories of India.

Our work is making an impact at the national level by complementing the National AIDS Control Program of Government of India, which guides HIV/AIDS awareness, care, prevention and treatment in the country. However, there is still a lot we need to do as India has the third-largest population of people living with HIV in the world. We are confident that by joining hands and working together, we will end AIDS in India.