Crisis Needs your support. Please help Now.

As India goes through its worst health emergencies we have seen in our lifetime, the pandemic is set to erase most of the modest progress from the setbacks of last year. The scenes reported around the country are heart-breaking and excruciatingly painful.

We across 300+ care centres across 32 states is facilitating access to healthcare and other key services to nearly 1.4 million children and adults living with HIV who are vulnerable owing to their fragile immune conditions. This at risk population needs to be protected with uninterrupted treatments to save them from Covid-19 wave thereby contributing to slow the spread and flatten the curve.

Since the Covid 19 crisis began last year we procured and dispatched more than 4,73,400 hygiene kits (Gloves, Masks, Soaps, Sanitizers) to key vulnerable populations of our 300+ care centers and 1700 NACO programme centers across India. Facilitated testing linkages to more than 4,000 key populations along with providing food and critical supplies including ART medicines to many. As many of our frontline workers are reporting positive of Covid 19 we have no option but to keep hope and move forward helping each other. We win together. It is time again for the private sector, public sector, civil society, social workers and all of us as individuals to come together in this crisis. Your support can help us create a crisis response to help aid

⦁ Ration Kits
⦁ Hygiene Kits
⦁ Tele Counselling (information dissemination, mental health support, etc)
⦁ Access to health care facilities other critical support for key populations
⦁ Financial Support and protection to cope short term emergencies