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What is End AIDS India?

End AIDS India is a national non-profit campaign undertaken by four trusted Indian NGOs that work collectively to accelerate the response to the HIV epidemic in the country.

Where does End AIDS India work?

End AIDS India works in 29 states and 3 Union Territories in India through various programmes run by the host and the other NGO partners.

What is the status of HIV/AIDS in India?

India is home to the third largest population of people living with HIV in the world, an estimated 21 lakh people. Though India has made modest improvements in new cases yet there are more than 80,000+ infections reported as per data of UNAIDS 2017. Due to stigma & discrimination along with lack of facilities, only 50% adults and 33% children are on treatment. It is imperative that we stand together and pledge support and funds to end AIDS as a matter of national duty and pride.

How is End AIDS India making an impact?

Across the campaign’s partners, we are delivering a continuum of programmes since the late 90’s that work through a three-pronged approach:

PREVENT – – Preventing and reducing transmission of HIV through targeted programming, education and awareness initiatives facilitating reduction of new cases.

CARE – – Educating people living with HIV or AIDS and improving access to vital health care and treatment services improving their overall wellbeing.

EMPOWER– – Empowering vulnerable and affected communities by building vocational skills, supporting access to education, enabling income generation opportunities and linking them to social welfare schemes hence providing a non-discriminatory & stigma-free enabling environment.

Our aim is to reach Zero by 2030 by reaching zero death, zero new cases & zero cases of stigma and discrimination. We currently work with almost 1.2 million affected which is only just half way of our goal and as we face the challenge of funding we need your support to reach our goal while sustaining our current tasks.

How can I help?

To support our efforts to end AIDS in India, there are various ways for you to get involved:

  1. You can make a donation online.
  2. You can call us to hand over a cheque/demand draft.
  3. If you wish to volunteer with us, write to us at reachus@endaidsindia.org.
  4. You can also start a fundraiser of your own. Click here for more details.

How do I send my contribution to End AIDS India?

There are many ways you can give:

Donate online at www.endaidindia/donate

Download the donation form and send in your cheque/demand draft in favour of India HIV/AIDS Alliance at:

End AIDS India
India HIV/AIDS Alliance
6 Community Centre, Zamrudpur
Kailash Colony Extension, New Delhi 110048
T +91-11-4536-7700

Or you can give us a missed call at +91-80-3063-6178 and we will call you back within 48 hours.

Is there a volunteer program I can participate in?

While we are currently not hosting any volunteers, your skills may be exactly what we need to grow. If you wish to volunteer with us, please direct your volunteering requests to reachus@endaidsindia.org India’ explaining why you want to volunteer and your preferable areas of work.

Are there monthly or one time/annual donations?

You can contribute either way: one time/annual or monthly donation. Check out our various gift options here.

How do I update my payment details or change payment method?

Send your new details to: reachus@endaidsindia.org

How do I update my contact details?

Send your update to: reachus@endaidsindia.org

What if I cannot continue my monthly donation? How will it affect the campaign?

We do understand that change in financial and personal situations might sometime pose a problem in continuing your support. Just send us an email to cancel, and we will do the needful.

All your support gets utilised to meet the needs and requirements of our work. If your support is discontinued, it can affect the strength of our efforts. End AIDS India will do their best to ensure that the good work is carried on.

How can I cancel my monthly donations?

If you need to cancel your donation, you can write to us reachus@endaidsindia.org or call us at +91-11-4536-7700.

What are the tax benefits of donating to End AIDS India?

All donations to End AIDS India are 50% tax deductible in India under Section 80G.

Do I receive any recognition for my donations?

When you donate to End AIDS India, you will receive:

  • An introductory welcome letter or mail with information about how you are helping to end AIDS in India.
  • A receipt for your donation and tax exemption benefit which will be sent to you within 30 working days.
  • Access to online portal containing details of your association with the movement.
  • Regular updates via email and newsletters about our activities.