Our Partners

Institutional Engagement

Ram Jethmalani Foundation:

The Ram Jethmalani Foundation: The founder Ram Jethmalani (1923-2019) was a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Senior Advocate (Supreme Court of India) and an eminent professor of law. We thank his foundation for extending support to End AIDS India.
Learn more about the foundation here:

Yash Technologies:

Founded in 1996, Yash Technologies is a global IT consulting firm, named as of one of the “Fast 500 companies”, YASH has grown organically through strategic acquisitions. We currently have over 4500 global employees, and growing.
We are thankful to Yash Technologies for sponsoring a children’s day out on Children’s Day 2019.
Learn more about the firm here:

Relaxo Footwear:

Relaxo Footwear was founded in 1976 by two brothers. With its headquarter in New Delhi and 8 manufacturing units, Relaxo produces over 6 lacs pairs of footwear, every day. Relaxo footwear’s range boasts a fine combination of comfort, style, and quality workmanship. A wide collection of fashionable, colourful, comfortable and durable footwear for men, women and children.
We are thankful to Relaxo Footwear for their support and solidarity towards communities with HIV. Read more about Relaxo here:

Quality Application Solutions (QASPL):

Quality Application Solutions (QASPL) is an authorised partner who have been engaged in raising funds and acquiring donors on behalf of India HIV/Alliance India for the End AIDS India campaign. QASPL, through their wide network of marketing companies and pan India presence reach out to thousands of prospect donors every day, championing our cause of approaching the challenges of HIV with hope and positivity and our aim of not just to prevent HIV from spreading, but also to ensure a healthy and dignified life for children and adults living with HIV.
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